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The Gryphon's Odyssey - 001 by Giuliabeck The Gryphon's Odyssey - 001 by Giuliabeck

 The Gryphon's Odyssey - 002 by Giuliabeck 

I’ve been talking about this story for so long and now I can finally share it with you – my only wish is that it pleases you. Truly.

For two years I’ve been researching, reading, writing, sketching, drawing, shading, painting, erasing, deleting, revamping and preparing this and I still feel as if I’m taking baby steps. I’ve started this story over about five times now. Over 100 pages have been made, and only a third of that gets to see the light of day so far.

But I’m lucky to have wonderful friends who support and trust me - friends such as my cousin Edd, who never turns away from me when I need him. And of course, Lizica – whose clinical eyes and kind heart make an enormous difference in my outcome. :)

Not to mention a whole bunch of other friends and artists I’ve come across that I’m so lucky to know – Yeah, I’m talking about you NTWFers. Kozma, Azzie, Celestial, Joel, Komori…all of you. All. The Netwaffles.

Given the amount of work these pages take, I’ll be following a schedule of one page every two weeks. I know it’s a rather long time, but I am a slow worker and an architecture student (I’ve been told to kiss my life good bye my several people). They will be promptly posted on Saturday mornings. :)

But today, on this fine July 24th I’ll be releasing the 8 part prologue. This not so big number will severely damage my buffering. It’s a hell of a risk- but I’m a firm believer that if something is to be done it’s got to be done properly. A prologue shouldn’t be delayed or split into parts (especially a short one like this) it must be presented as a set.

This is the complete group – not that it’d had much information in it. You’ll encounter (not only in the prologue, but also throughout the entire story) several pages with only two of perhaps even one panel – sometimes it’s because the pages are very detailed, others because a moment of contemplation it’s just what it’s needed. A pause. A moment to just observe. I expect some people to dislike this, but it’s my approach to comic book stories. Let’s just hope it’s not a disaster.

I could talk about this pauses moment for an entire day, but if you’ve read this far it means you must be getting tired of me and my ginormic introduction. Let’s get back to July 24th.

This particular date was chosen not only for its proximity to the Great War’s 100th anniversary (July 28th) but mostly because it’s Amelia’s Earhart birthday – she was the one who started all this, or at least, in my head she did.


Alright, enough nagging. Gosh – how I nag. There’s just so much I’d like to say.

Just thank you for reading, I hope this pleases you. I sincerely hope it does, I’ve had great fun doing it.

By the way, I'm always open for suggestions and good criticism. If you happen upon any mistake, I'd appreciate you to send me a note and I'll make my best to correct it. English is not my first language, so God help me. XD

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Between-the-Stars Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju Dju

This is so awesome. All of it. I love it. This prologue really sets the mood for your story: a hint of darkness, but with a backdrop of quiet beauty, and with fantasy elements that are down-to-earth but still know how to surprise.

Like, can we talk about this quiet opening with the grouse. It really builds. And even aside from that, the art is just stunning. I love your light, wispy nature environments. This first panel here has SO much atmosphere with how you've layered it and composed it that I don't just see it--I can hear the silence, and I can smell the fog. (To be honest, seeing it made me jittery with excitement at its gorgeousness.) And on the second page, you don't even need to say anything--you can tell something is up when you see the way the fog has parted, and that detail and cue is amazing. And on the fourth page, although I do feel bad for the grouse, I can't help but drop my jaw at the reveal of the griffin (gryphon? griffin?) because HOH MAAAAN. *_* What an entrance. The characters' poses and anatomy look really fantastic to me, and even with (especially with) the griffins, you make them look so natural and striking and grand that I'd swear you had a real life feathery griffin to pose for your reference photos. (You don' you? 8D)

When the dialogue begins, it doesn't feel jarring at all, and it's a perfect blend of natural interaction + subtle info-drop + important actions and revelations. And while I'm thinking about it, I realize that this prologue itself sets its own mood well. I feel like the killing of the innocent grouse somewhat parallels the killing of Cedric's uncle. (Perhaps something to do with the "stiffened heart" mentioned on page 8?)

In any case, in just eight pages you have made a small cohesive whole, all while setting the stage, seizing my interest, and leaving me curious for more.

...In other words--
Giuliabeck Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist

I'm so grateful to you, Lizica, I mean it. *-* Without you this wouldn't have happened, thank you for your patience and your kindness and your words. I read each and every one of them and it immediately fills me up with motivation and inspiration!

I'm so happy that all the feelings I wanted to express have gone through the pages to you! I'm very, very happy and relieved to hear that the griffins (or gryphon, I too have my doubts hahaha XD) are looking good in your opinion! Those guys are complicated. When it comes to it, eagles and lions are just so different - one is light and agile, the other fierce and heavy. A real life griffin would be a true nature challenge. 
 I had to draw them a tad bit leaner to give the impression that they could actually fly! XD 
I still have a long way to go, though. I wanna give the best I can! ^_^ I've been practicing some feline and bird anatomy, these pages are older so thankfully the new ones will look better.

AND THE DIALOGUE. I can't tell you how troublesome itis for me to make sure the lines aren't awkward or just misplaced or unnatural and gah. X_X It's such a good thing to hear you say they're good, I mean it. Words - I love them, but they don't love me back as much. I have to chase them down every time, they refuse to come by will.

In resume, thank you so much for supporting this mad creation of mine. I hope you enjoy what comes next! *tackle hugs you* :D 

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