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The Gryphon's Odyssey - Face your Past by Giuliabeck The Gryphon's Odyssey - Face your Past by Giuliabeck
 The original was wider...and ridiculously impossible to upload. As if this wasn't trouble enough.
So, this started as a fireplace in one of my webcomic's scene and then...then I don't know, I guess I saw a cinema setting in it. No idea how it came to it, but I am shamefully proud of it. Yup. Dju animatin'. Shabby animatin', but Dju is proud of herself alright. It's just nice to do a whole piece in a while, you know? Finishing a comic page is great, but knowing you'll have to do another one right after it leaves a slightly sauer taste in your mouth.

Aaaaaand I just watched Peaky Blinders, so try to imagined this with a cockney accent and you'll get somewhere near my mind right now. Gosh, I love that show - everything I want just happens there. It's my happy place. 

I really like how this reminds me of Bioshock's tattered rags and party wreck feeling alongside Lackadaisy's flowers and sepia tones. Two things I really enjoy! Funny how our brains are easily influenced by our repertoire, no? Hope it's a good sign.
Hm. Poppy flowers, flying boots, cigars and griffins. That sums up my story quite alright. Let's just hope it makes some kind of sense in the end and that this isn't another dillusion of mine. *nods* Aye. Still got that accent turned on? Good. Very good.

Made in Photoshop,

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