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I just want to remind the wonderful people who have been supporting The Gryphon’s Odyssey about how grateful I am for every view, every comment and every favorite you’ve gifted me! You guys fill me with joy and motivation and the thought of someone out there reading and enjoying my story is – argh, I can’t put it in words. It’s just truly amazing.

 I want to let you all know I’ll try my best to increase the amount of content around here – I post a page every two weeks, but I mean to share more than just that from now on: sketches, pencil drawings, watercolors and character profiles. Perhaps even more Journal posts – too bad I’m a shabby writer with ADHD, I really do enjoy writing. The most recent piece I've uploaded was "Peter", a guy that's been in my brain for a while now and turned out to be a good mixed media experience! I like his earrings and his freakishly blue eyes. He might get a webcomic of his own someday!

Peter by Giuliabeck

The reason why I am so quiet around here is because The Gryphon’s Odyssey pages take all of my attention to get done. When I am at it, I can’t do anything else – there’s simply no time. Also, I am a slow worker. It’s worse than being a procrastinator because there’s no actual solution for it. XD When you’re slow, well – nothing to be done about it. XD

But I do procrastinate from time to time, in fact - I finally got on my feet and registered The Gryphon’s Odyssey on Top Webcomics! Yaay! *claps by myself*

 I’ve been avoiding this for months now because I was too embarrassed to give away my DeviantArt link instead of an actual website. I kept telling myself, “hold on miss, don’t register just yet without a website of your own”.

 But then I realized I don’t intend to create a site of my own anytime soon.   .__.

I figured DeviantArt is a user friendly website with an endless amount of tools I can’t find anywhere else. This amazing website hosts a bazillion of visitors everyday and it runs wonderfully by itself. It’s so easy to share and to find people in here. Why would I pay for a tiny little webpage in this vast ocean called "the internet" when I could just stay here, in this comfy populated island that I can always count on and meet interesting artists? Yeah, I’ll just stay here for now. XD


 Also, I intend to make a Journal Skin of my own! :D


Like, tonight. 

That'll be exciting. Yay! I wanted to post this on a new skin BUT I probably won't finish the skin today or tomorrow and then I'll forget to post this message or lose inspiration and things will never get done. .___. So I'm forcing myself to post. Now. XD 

THANK YOU FOR READING, you're swell for it! *highfives*

I'm on Tumblr as well! :D

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Submitted on
October 12, 2015